3 Ways to Reboot Your Energy Drained by Everyday Life

Have you ever had those days when your get up and go, got up and went without you?  Maybe you’ve struggled with that feeling for weeks, months, even years!

It’s rare to hear someone say they jump out of bed every morning with vitality and an abundance of energy that lasts all day ~ you wish……

What do I mean by everyday life stress?

It’s not the unexpected.  I’m talking about what you deal with every day – work, family, relationships, finances [insert your own reason here].  Sometimes there’s just no relief.

Yes – everyday life can be draining!

Life is happening around you, but behind the scenes there are a couple of glands in your body that are working overtime – your adrenal glands.  The adrenals are an important part of your stress coping capacity and play a major role in energy.

And, they get tired too.

Adrenal fatigue or exhaustion is in epidemic proportions today.

Could your adrenals do with a little help?

3 Ways to Reboot Your Energy:

Minerals – your body needs more of some minerals in times of stress.  You are probably needing more magnesium, calcium and iron than usual.  When you’re lagging behind in the energy stakes, a mineral supplement may be called for. Sometimes what you’re eating isn’t enough to replace what your body is using up.

Vitamin C – a common vitamin you normally think of when you have a cold, but did you know that it’s a major booster vitamin for your adrenals?  Vitamin C is not stored in the body like other vitamins and can be used up quickly when stressed, so you need to increase foods high in Vitamin C (think of citrus fruits) or take a supplement.

Herbs – adrenal herbs are called adaptogens, because they help your body adapt to stress. Each adaptogen herb works differently. You might want an improvement in mental or physical performance, perhaps regulate adrenal function, get an energy boost, slow down or increase cortisol production. Herbs such as Siberian Ginseng, Panax Ginseng, Withania, Astragalus, Licorice and Rhodiola are an excellent way to support your adrenals and get you back on track. I can help choose which herb is best for you.

If fatigue and that bone weary tiredness is getting you down, talk to me about solutions.

With you health in mind,

Catherine x

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Catherine McCoy

Catherine McCoy is an Integrative Naturopath, Health Coach, Writer and Presenter who is the founder of the iNaturally Clinic in Canberra, ACT.

Catherine helps women who are anxious or overwhelmed to regain their health and get their life back on track.  



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