Could Your Overworked Adrenals be Sabotaging Your Health?

Stress – we read about it, hear about it and experience it everywhere these days.  It can be blamed for everything from cold sores to cancer.

But, your adrenals could be the real problem behind how you’re feeling.

Here’s a checklist to see if your adrenals could be behind your health conditions, your fatigue or draining your vitality.

I talk a lot about stress with clients and the impact it is having on their health.  I also explain how long term stress will eventually cause adrenal issues that simmer quietly under the surface, causing all manner of symptoms and health conditions.

Could your overworked adrenals be behind the way you are feeling?

Are you:

  • feeling anxious for no reason
  • overwhelmed at normal tasks
  • tired all the time
  • feeling wired and can’t get to sleep
  • finding it hard to get up and going in the morning
  • sleeping too much but still exhausted
  • carrying around stubbon belly fat
  • dealing with an auto immune condition
  • craving salty foods
  • finding an increased effort just to get through the day
  • experiencing low blood pressure
  • or high blood pressure
  • dealing with hormone issues
  • noticing a lack of sex drive
  • putting up with a poor immune system
  • experiencing low moods
  • not handling stress like you used to
  • dealing with digestive issues like ongoing diarrhoea or constipation
  • having trouble with concentration
  • less productive at work
  • finding it difficult to make decisions
  • feeling that life just feels so hard

Do any of these sound familiar?

Adrenal fatigue is a condition that is becoming more recognised these days.  Did you know that it comes in 3 stages:

Stage 1 – the alarm stage which should last a few hours/days and then everything settles back to normal

Stage 2 – the resistance stage where your body is trying hard to adapt to ongoing stress.  This can last months/years and cause all sorts of symptoms

Stage 3 – the exhaustion stage where your adrenals really give up and health conditions get considerably worse.

It’s so much easier to recover from adrenal fatigue in the earlier stages.  If you wait until exhaustion really sets in, then recovery is a long road back.

If you’re experiencing some or many of the above symptoms, now’s the time to act.  Contact me today so you can take back control of your health, your energy and your life.

With your health in mind,

Catherine x


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