7 Tips to Slide into January Feeling Better than Ever

relaxed_kittenWhy does December roll around long before we’re ready?  It seems like yesterday we were setting our good intentions for 2014.  Where did the year go?

How would you like to “stress proof” your health leading up to the Big Day and land on 1 January with energy, vitality and enthusiasm?

Overwhelm and overindulgence only lead to tears…

Seven “Don’ts” to better manage your stress (both physically and mentally) and keep your health on track during this hectic time:

1.  Don’t Let Yourself Go – and by that, I mean, stay on track with your health and lifestyle habits as much as you can (without being boring).  Just because there are extra social occasions, office xmas parties, end of year school functions, friends to catch up with, and don’t forget the shopping, doesn’t mean you should forego your most basic diet and lifestyle routines.   There’s nothing wrong with bending a little, but if you ditch everything, getting back on track in January will be so much harder.

2.  Don’t Be Afraid to Say No – pace yourself – let’s face it, you can’t say yes to every invitation and not end up carrying extra kilos and needing a major detox come New Year.  I’m sure there are some invitations you can wriggle out of without offending.  Have some pre-prepared excuses in case you get caught in an awkward conversation where you just can’t say no.

3.  Don’t Leave it Till the Last Minute – nothing will drain your energy quicker than overwhelm.  Get yourself organised (I know – I bet you say this every year), but this time, make organisation your friend.  There is nothing more satisfying than telling your friends that you’ve finished your Christmas shopping when you’ve still got two weeks to go (while smiling smugly).  If you need more tips on getting on top of overwhelm, check out 8 Reasons Behind Overwhelm and How to Get Going Again.

4.  Don’t Forget the Water – overindulging is not a pretty sight – we’ve all been there.  Did you know that your liver needs the hydrogen from water (that’s the H in the H2O) to break down the alcohol and get it out of your body? That’s why you end up so dehydrated after a big night.  Give your liver a helping hand by drinking plenty of water before, during and after those Xmas parties so you wake up full of energy and vitality ready to go again.

5.  Don’t Stand Near the Buffet – and choose your party foods wisely.  Ditch the crackers in favour of raw vegetable sticks, enjoy cheese in small amounts, drink water during the party (refer to tip number 4) and most importantly, remember it takes about 20 minutes for those “full” hormones in your stomach to reach your brain, so stop eating well before feeling full.   Having digestive issues on top of feeling tired is not something you want to deal with while juggling the work/party balance.

6.  Don’t Forget to Take Your Supplements – your trusty B vitamins will help you stay on track and keep your stress response under control.  B vitamins are needed for so many vital functions in your body – liver detox, stress response, brain function, energy production – and this is the time of year when you need them the most, when your normally healthy lifestyle goes out the window.  Be kind to your body, have a backup plan for your health and vitality – take your supplements!

7.  Don’t Compromise Your Sleep Routine – and by routine, I mean keeping your body clock in tip top working order. Late nights and overindulgence can lead to plenty of sleep disruptions.  Keep to your everyday routine as much as possible by rising at the same time each morning, despite when you get to bed.  A disruption to your natural circadian rhythms will make you feel even worse.  Need a brush up on getting better sleep?  Check out Not Sleeping? Discover 7 Ways to Get to the Bottom of What’s Keeping You Awake

Above all else, I hope your festive season is enjoyable and fun.  If you feel you need some extra support to get you through the silly season, don’t leave it until December, act now.  Give me a call and get sorted.

Do you have any tips for the lead up to Christmas?  Share below what works for you.

With your health in mind,

Catherine  x

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Catherine McCoy

Catherine McCoy is a qualified Naturopath, Health Coach and Teacher who is the founder of iNaturally.

Catherine helps women experiencing stress, anxiety, depression and overwhelmed to regain their health and re-connect with their passion and purpose.  



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