So You Want to Get Healthy, but……

Change Ahead

…. it just never seems to happen.

You may have a goal to change your diet, join the gym, exercise regularly, lose weight, meditate, do that yoga or pilates class, or simply look after yourself better.   Whatever your thing, self-sabotage rears its head again, just like the other 47 times you tried.

You can’t keep the momentum going and eventually you fall back to the old way – the old pattern.  You probably even justify this process with excuses such as “I’ll try again when (insert favourite excuse here)”, or “I don’t have enough money, time, energy.”

Sound familiar?

Have you wondered what may be blocking you from continuing on your pathway to health?

Here’s a clue. Your subconscious beliefs may be behind all those setbacks. Your beliefs are convenient assumptions that you formed a long time ago (possibly as a small child), or maybe even recently, that are subconsciously sabotaging your good intentions.

You may know what your limiting beliefs are, or you may not – and if you can’t quite put your finger on why you are so good at self-sabotage, then a Coach can help you.    From personal experience – well worth the effort, let me tell you !!

And, the good news is that anyone can change a belief.   They are not written in stone or burned forever in your subconscious.

Choosing to change is the first step

Have you heard of neuroplasticity?   It is a science/nerdy term that means – “our thoughts can change the structure and function of our brains”.   Which is great news for anyone who wants to change old habits, unuseful thought patterns and those self-sabotaging or limiting beliefs.

I like to use this metaophor – our thought patterns and beliefs (whether conscious or subconscious) are well practiced and are like a well worn and travelled highway in the neural pathways of our brains.   For example – have you ever been on autopilot driving home from work on the same route after a long day and found yourself outside your house without thinking too much about how you got there?   That neural pathway is so “worn in” it is like a highway.

To create a new neural pathway, you simply have to replace the old thought or belief with a new one.  Sounds easy, but there is a catch.  Doing this once will not get the job done.   Once will give you a thin foot track (compared  to the highway), but the more you use and practice that new thought or belief, the foot track becomes wider and more entrenched until it replaces the old highway.

So, my message here is that you can get healthy.  Perhaps it may take a little neuroscience, repetition and plain old sweat, but if you are determined to succeed, you can make the changes necessary to achieve any goal you put your mind to (sorry for the pun).

Coaching is an excellent way to help you achieve any change that you want – it will speed up the process and you will be amazed at what you are capable of.

Your turn – tell us about your success (or failed attempts) with changing old habits, thought patterns or beliefs.   Share what worked for you.

With your health in mind,

Catherine McCoy

Catherine McCoy is a qualified Naturopath, Coach and Speaker who is the founder of iNaturally.    She can help get your health back on track and she specialises in helping patients create change in their thinking and lifestyle to be the healthiest person they can be.


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