Are You Tired of Being Tired?


Have you been tired for so long that you think it’s normal?

We all get tired, but when does tiredness become fatigue?   Significant fatigue should not be taken for granted as a part of getting older, or having children, or being busy……

There are many factors to fatigue and everyone has their own unique combination of drivers that are causing their exhaustion.

7 Factors That Can Drive Fatigue

Stress – switches us into the “go” or “flight” response when we need it. Unfortunately, with busy lives, the “stop flight” switch often does not get activated and we find ourselves in a constant stage of stress.   Things go wrong in your body when the “stop” mechanism fails, leading to burn out and often anxiety.

Poor Diet/Nutrient Deficiency – without a healthy diet, your body cannot possibly function at its best.   You soon become nutrient deficient at a cellular level.   This is often a good starting point in fatigue management.

Low Iron/B12 – low iron can result in a decreased transport of oxygen through the body leading to feeling lethargic and slow.  A B12 deficiency can cause fatigue as well.

Inflammation – if you are fighting infection or have any sort of chronic inflammation issues, your energy levels will be low as your body is constantly working to combat this.

Low Thyroid Hormones – thyroid hormones play an important role in the regulation of your metabolism.  If your thyroid function is low, your whole body will slow down, including your energy production.

Poor Digestion and Liver Function – on a daily basis, our body processes a huge amount of substances – good and bad – through our digestive tract.  When digestion and liver function is sluggish, toxins build up in the body.  Fatigue is a common end result of an increased toxic load.

Body Composition – High Fat and Low Muscle Mass – fat does not just sit on the body and cause you to feel uncomfortable and your clothes to feel tight.  Fat cells have the ability to create chemicals that can interfere with your ability to create and maintain energy.

Boost Your Batteries

How energetic we feel depends on how much energy we can produce in the “batteries” inside our cells called mitochondria.  Mitochondria work in response to demand, eg- when we exercise and place energy demands on the cell, the cell responds by increasing its capacity to supply energy.   That is why exercise makes us more energetic.

A healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and avoiding calorie rich/nutrient poor foods is essential for maintaining good energy production.

Feed Your Cells

Don’t wait to see if your fatigue will magically disappear.

Luckily there are herbs that can give us a helping hand to improve energy production.    Eating well and good quality sleep also help.  And, don’t forget about the nutrients your mitochondria need to function efficiently such as L-carnitine, CoQ10, Omega oil, iron, B12, B vitamins and magnesium.

With your health in mind,

Catherine McCoy

Catherine McCoy is an Australian Naturopath, Health Coach and speaker who is the founder of the iNaturally Clinic.


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