Tired and cranky? It could be something you’re eating……..


Sometimes your body has to shout at you to be heard.

Being a very busy person, I juggle a multitude of tasks each day, but lately I have been feeling particularly tired and not my usual superwoman self. 

I had been falling in to the trap of eating the wrong foods and snacking on the go.   I should clarify here that I mean – “the wrong foods for me”.   When I finally stopped and digested (sorry about the pun) what I had been eating, I realised I had been snacking on everything convenient, but nothing that I needed.

I felt tired, lethargic, a tad irritable and even at times muscle weak, not to mention my digestive system was not co-operating and causing me no end of trouble.

Did you know that the food we put in to our mouths has a direct effect on many aspects of our bodies, not just digestion?    It can affect our mood, our energy, the quality of our sleep and our nervous system – making us feel even more stressed or anxious.    And the crazy thing is that sometimes the food we crave the most, is the food causing the most grief (go figure!).

Tired corgi

It’s hard to listen to what your body is telling you when you’re busy, and it can take a mammoth effort to actually stay on track with eating right for your body.

Here are a couple of tips that can help you to feel better:

1.  Food Diary –  If you are feeling not quite right – I suggest you stop and take note.    Keeping a food diary can be a pain, but even if you only do it for a few days, it can be worth the effort.   Just write down everything you eat, including drinks, and see if you can find a pattern with your symptoms.    (Example – if I eat too  much wheat such as bread, I feel lethargic after about 3 hours).

2.  Digestive Enzymes – when we are tired and stressed, we often don’t break down the food so that all the vitamins and minerals are absorbed.   Taking a digestive enzyme at meal times can make a dramatic difference when our own enzymes are lacking.   A tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar in a small amount of warm water before you eat is another alternative.  (Example – if you feel bloated or heavy in the stomach after a meal, your intestines may need a helping hand).

Wheat and sugar are the hidden bandits that sabotage my health and energy – what are yours?

With your health in mind,


(photos courtesy of http://www.bubblews.com)

Catherine McCoy is a qualified Naturopath and Health Coach.   You can find out more by visiting Catherine’s website at www.inaturally.com.au.


2 thoughts on “Tired and cranky? It could be something you’re eating……..

  1. I find the wheat and sugar thing too but also diary and it doesn’t take much – just a little milk in coffee can make a huge difference and leave me feeling very bloated.

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