Could Lavender Stop You From Falling Over?


A recent study in Japan in Aged Care Facilities has shown that elderly people wearing lavender patches had less incidences of falling over and agitation than those in the placebo group.     Great news for our elderly!

But, what else is Lavender great for?  

Here are some other ways to incorporate Lavender in your day that you may not have thought about:

1.  Burns – in 1910 when Gattefosse plunged his hands in to a vat of lavender oil after burning them in a laboratory explosion, the healing properties of lavender were discovered.    You can use lavender oil neat (by itself) on small superficial burns – it is soothing as well as antiseptic.   Why not try it mixed with some aloe vera gel for sunburn.

2.  Stings and Insect Bites – reduce the itching of mozzie bites by applying lavender oil direct to the bite.

3.  Anxiety and sleep – the sedative effects of lavender are well known.   Rub 2-3 drops of lavender oil between you hands and inhale when you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed.   Or, try some lavender in your bath before bed.    And, don’t forget that Lavender Tea is not only tasty but will help any insomniac.

4.  Cuts and abrasions – the antiseptic and analgesic properties are invaluable for sores and cuts.   It also has the ability to promote rapid healing and to help reduce scarring.

5.  Headache – helpful in the treatment of pain, but when rubbed in to the temples and the back of the neck, you can relieve the onset of headaches before they get hold.   For an even better effect for headaches, add in some peppermint oil.

6.  Muscle pain – the antispasmodic and relaxant action can be so useful in alleviating muscle pain.  Try it in a massage oil or bath oil when you have overdone it.

6.  Cooking – a few drops of lavender or dried lavender flowers can enhance many recipes such as brownies, scones, pancakes and desserts.   Try some next time you are experimenting in the kitchen.

7.  Cleaning – add lavender essential oil to spray bottles of water and/or pure industrial alcohol for an awesome surface spray or floor wash.   Not only anti-bacterial but will make your home smell great.    Or try it in an infuser to add that calming atmosphere around the house.

Caution – Make sure you only purchase good quality pure lavender oil – there are heaps of adulterated and synthetic versions out there – be careful!

As you can see, uses for Lavender are plenty – but don’t stop with these suggestions.    Let us know below what your favourite uses of this amazing essential oil are!

With your health in mind,

Catherine x

Catherine McCoy is a Naturopath, Aromatherapist, Massage Therapist and Health Coach.     Sign up for Catherine’s informative newsletter at    Or connect with Catherine on Facebook here.


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