7 Tips for Healthier Children This Winter

Child immunity

Nothing adds to a busy woman’s stress levels more than a sick child.

As a mother, you worry about your children all the time, it’s a given. But you naturally worry about them more then they’re sick.  With sleepless nights, timeout from childcare or school, time off work for you and the worry that it will spread to the whole family, your stress levels can go through the roof! Continue reading

7 Tips to Slide into January Feeling Better than Ever

relaxed_kittenWhy does December roll around long before we’re ready?  It seems like yesterday we were setting our good intentions for 2014.  Where did the year go?

How would you like to “stress proof” your health leading up to the Big Day and land on 1 January with energy, vitality and enthusiasm? Continue reading

Not Sleeping? Discover 7 Ways to Get to the Bottom of What’s Keeping You Awake

InsomniaAhhhh….. that illusive sleep.

If you’re familiar with the infomercials on free-to-air-TV that run all night, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

And the busier and more stressed you are, the more difficult getting a great night’s restful sleep can be – just when you need it the most.

Sleep is a basic human need (like water), so it’s important to ensure that good quality sleep is at the top of your priorities.   Continue reading

Shy and Introverted? Discover Nutrients That May Help

Party AloneDoes receiving an invitation to a social gathering involving more than 2 or 3 people have you immediately reaching into your bag of excuses of why you “just can’t make it, sorry” ?

Being a self-confessed introvert, I understand what it’s like to be uncomfortable in crowds.   It’s something that our counterparts (the extroverts) simply cannot comprehend.

Continue reading

7 Tips for Busy Women to Boost Mood and Health in Winter

WinterHave you ever noticed that some people handle the colder months so much better than others?  What about you?

We are right into the winter months here where I live – it’s cold!  And, as the days get shorter and colder, even the best of us can feel a little down.

“Winter blues” is a general term that describes the mild depression, lack of motivation and low energy that many people experience when the weather turns nasty. Continue reading

Discover 4 Common Illnesses That Are Driven by Stress


Being sick can be a pain, literally! Everyone experiences being sick at some time or another. And, everyone experiences stress.  In fact, life is full of low-grade daily stress.  But it’s when stress mounts up, or is compounded by an unexpected event, that we get tipped over the edge and then not only our mood, but our health suffers. It’s when your body has been under stress for some time, that our coping mechanisms are compromised and we leave ourselves open to illness.  And, it’s when we don’t get on top of our stress that common conditions are driven deeper into disease, both chronic and severe. Continue reading

8 Reasons Behind Overwhelm and How to Get Going Again

OverwhelmI used to think that being overwhelmed was just a normal feeling from doing too much with not enough time to get it all done.

Something that would go away as I worked through endless “to-do lists”.

Now, I realise that overwhelm is not a natural or healthy state – it’s part of our stress response to tell us that we are not coping.   Sometimes it just doesn’t go away, but develops into deeper states such as anxiety, hopelessness, depression and illness.

Overwhelm is usually accompanied by its good friend “procrastination”, and there the party begins.  ĵ Continue reading

So You Want to Get Healthy, but……

Change Ahead

…. it just never seems to happen.

You may have a goal to change your diet, join the gym, exercise regularly, lose weight, meditate, do that yoga or pilates class, or simply look after yourself better.   Whatever your thing, self-sabotage rears its head again, just like the other 47 times you tried. Continue reading

My 3 Favourite Herbs For Horses in Spring


Spring is now well and truly with us, and who doesn’t just love the warm weather and longer daylight hours to spend with your horse.

Some horses do not do well over the winter months and can be slower than others to embrace the new season.   Continue reading

Are You Tired of Being Tired?


Have you been tired for so long that you think it’s normal?

We all get tired, but when does tiredness become fatigue?   Significant fatigue should not be taken for granted as a part of getting older, or having children, or being busy……

There are many factors to fatigue and everyone has their own unique combination of drivers that are causing their exhaustion.

7 Factors That Can Drive Fatigue Continue reading


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