My 3 Favourite Herbs For Horses in Spring


Spring is now well and truly with us, and who doesn’t just love the warm weather and longer daylight hours to spend with your horse.

Some horses do not do well over the winter months and can be slower than others to embrace the new season.   Continue reading

Are You Tired of Being Tired?


Have you been tired for so long that you think it’s normal?

We all get tired, but when does tiredness become fatigue?   Significant fatigue should not be taken for granted as a part of getting older, or having children, or being busy……

There are many factors to fatigue and everyone has their own unique combination of drivers that are causing their exhaustion.

7 Factors That Can Drive Fatigue Continue reading

Spring Detox Tips That Won’t Cost You a Cent!


Getting your health back on track doesn’t have to be that hard or expensive.   All it takes is a few changes and some commitment.

If you are feeling tired, sluggish and less than enthusiastic about your health –  now is the time to make a start to get yourself back on track. Continue reading

9 Signs That Your Body May Be The Victim of Stress

Stress Shattered Glass Word Cloud Concept

Stress can be a good thing – it can make us feel alive, important, useful and energised.  But, it can also bring about health problems and changes in our bodies that aren’t so useful – in fact, it can make our life completely miserable. ‘ Continue reading

Is Chamomile the Right Herb for Your Horse?


Chamomile is one of the best known herbs on this planet and is commonly added to horse feeds for various reasons – I sell a lot to horse owners.   But is it the right herb for your horse? Continue reading

Tired and cranky? It could be something you’re eating……..


Sometimes your body has to shout at you to be heard.

Being a very busy person, I juggle a multitude of tasks each day, but lately I have been feeling particularly tired and not my usual superwoman self.  Continue reading

Will Training Alone Help a Problem Horse?


Just before Xmas we bought a horse, a horse with some baggage.  Her previous owner was completely frustrated by her behaviour – they just didn’t feel safe.   Words like unpredictable, jumpy, nervous,  multiple personality, too “marish” etc were used.    This was a stunning mare to look at and she seemed quiet.  Were we dealing with a Jekyll and Hyde? Continue reading

Is Your Horse Nervous or Naughty?

Horse bolting

Photo courtesy of the BBC

I was at the local agriculture show on the weekend watching the horse ring events.   Loved watching the great mix of children and adults on ponies and horses of all descriptions.   What caught my eye was the horses having to walk across a large piece of carpet to enter the ring.

Easy for some horses, quite challenging for others! Continue reading

Could Lavender Stop You From Falling Over?


A recent study in Japan in Aged Care Facilities has shown that elderly people wearing lavender patches had less incidences of falling over and agitation than those in the placebo group.     Great news for our elderly!

But, what else is Lavender great for?   Continue reading

Are You Sabotaging Your Bones?


Did you know that taking excess calcium can actually suppress bone rebuilding and turnover?

A recent report in the British Medical Journal stated that calcium intake above 700mg per day was providing no additional benefit to your bones.    In fact, calcium supplements may actually increase fracture risk! Continue reading


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